Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Week on The Collective Island

Keeping track of the activity, after a week of access.
So far 9 students (45% of the course cohort) have created their own presence on the island. ( It is important to note - this is extra curricula activity - not directly part of any course module ) The only input from myself, is that they can only use up 800 prims, and to consider their build a 3D portfolio. The island is not divided into plots, and the students have been encourage to self-govern the space. This seems to have led to some collaborative meeting spaces, amongst their own 'houses'

A Club build initiated by Nos, has work of other students on the wall, and has become one of the congregation points.

Inside Liama's Studio, a mix of work from RL graphic projects and objects made in Second Life.

Fio's space is beginning to bring in a mix of her interests in digital art and photography. The chairs are inspired by one of her favorite films - 2001.

Xissteve's building takes a 'game' apporach, as you explore the maze like building to find his images from previous modules.

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