Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Setting up SLOODLE ( 1st Attempt )

Having a spare hour, I had a fiddle with getting SLOODLE up and running on our college MOODLE server. Our very supportive IT dept ( see they do exist ! ), adding the SLOODLE patch and sending prim passwords back and forth, and generating the Notecard needed for the sloodle_config.

Setting the SLOODLE objects up in SL had a few teething problems. With the generic startup set, giving a few errors, when I was trying to get the two worlds connected.
Finally, I ended up rezzing the Avatar Registration Booth from the SLOODLE toolbox, manually updating the notecard in that, and trying to register the avatar with that....

Then got the Chat Logger up and running, with the Moodle Course Chatroom.

One thing I found, ( and this is probably only my experience ) - I needed to reset the SLOODLE objects manually to get them to work, after they were rezzed by the SLOODLE toolbox.

Anywho - off to find some willing test subjects.

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Me said...

We are looking to setup a sloodle server for the first time - very shortly. Would love to hear some tips and some of the stumbling blocks you found along the way.