Sunday, June 21, 2009

Design for Digital Media - End of Year Show 2009 in Second Life

Design for Digital Media - End of Year Show in SL

Now open to the public - The Collective Island is host to the Leeds College of Art's - End of Year Show for the BA(Hons) Design for Digital Media course..

End of Year Show - Design for Digital Media

In the studio building, you can find examples of Development work and Screenshots from Final Year Project work, plus links to their web-portfolios.

Design for Digital Media - End of Year Show in SL

Streaming in the second room of the studio building, is a 15 min showreel of Moving image work... on it you'll find a Personal tale about Epilepsy, 3D Animation, and Music Videos...
plus its got a nifty reflective floor... :)

Student Project - taking over half the college's island :)

The big part of the SL exhibition is the work of Jetsunami Duell ( Rob Kirk in RL ) - who's built a half sim medieval city inspired by the Discworld books. It is designed for Virtual World Community Role players, as opposed to being a game level. The work has its own distinct look - with all textures been hand rendered... giving it a cartoony look...

The Show will be up for several weeks, but once is gone - it'll be gone... wiped clean for a new semester of teaching.


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